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Mikayla lashes offer a romantic take on modern glamour. Never separating beauty from style, our all natural lashes add flirtatious energy, alluring sensuality, or sultry flair to whatever mood and mode you’re channeling. Inspired by the street style AND haute couture in the City of Lights, Mikayla lashes evoke the effortless elegance of Parisian style and then give you the reigns to make it your own.


Based on years of learning first-hand how time-consuming, expensive, and damaging lash extensions can be, Mikayla lashes are designed with you in mind, offering the luxury of choice, ease of use, and the instantly transformative beauty experience you’ve always craved. Mikayla is centered around how you actually want your lashes to look. We are in-the-know and of-the-moment— we keep our optimistic curatorial fluttery eyes on what’s new and next and add an effortlessly polished edge to your look. Mikayla lashes are made to compliment the style and mood you choose, not compete with your natural beauty. They enhance your look from head to toe, not just brow to brow.

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