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Mikayla Lashes Mode 1


Mikayla girls opting for the “I woke up like this” look are classic and effortless. A certain je ne sais quoi is what makes these subtly eye-enhancing lashes so eye-catching.

Mode 1 brightens the eye (and the day) from the moment you put them on. They’re perfect for days that are too active or too busy for a full face of makeup. These lashes are a work-friendly, flirt-friendly way to boost your easy glow.

Keep it simple to pair with a dressed up look, or match it with an easy vibe to make people wonder if that sunny breeze on their cheeks was real or if it was you.

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Mikayla Lashes Mode 2


Mode 2 lashes make sophistication their raison d’etre (reason for’s like their MO).

Mikayla girls styling these looks know when to enhance the allure. This lash level adds finishing touches and a boost of confidence for anything from a big meeting to a night out. Who doesn’t want that extra oomph when an occasion demands it?

Mikayla girls with a full social calendar need a look that easily transitions from day to night, where the lights turn down, but the glamour does not.

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Mikayla Lashes Mode 3


Mode 3 lashes are for Mikayla girls with no “off” to the beauty switch. They relish in the rituals of luxury, and with every wink or leveling gaze, a coup de foudre (a surprise cut-- synonymous with love at first sight) occurs.

Whether you’re hosting, hopping, or the VIP, the drama lashes are the perfect “+1”.

Let them serve as your truth or dare element of style: sexy, bold, and maybe a little dangerous. Who will you invite to play with you?

Remember, with great drama comes great responsibility.

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